Coach MJ

Dr. Mamie Jones

  1. Have you been seeking for a Life Coach that will listen and hear your sincere desires?

  2. Are you seeking a coach that will activate your goals and push you into results?

  3. Have you been seeking a Counselor that will listen and have a non-judgmental opinion of how you express yourself?

  4. Do you need someone to just listen to your heart?

  5. Are you a person that just do not know where to start?  Yet, you are afraid to trust.

  6. Are you experiencing shame about what is going on in your life and have difficulties express these experiences.


This is what you will experience from Coach MJ, Coaching service.

I will listen to your desired goals, and we will together plan a road to results.


  • Confidentiality

  • Comforting Atmosphere

  • Patience

  • Productivity

  • Passion

  • and Compassion that will push you to new levels.


      I am looking to hear from you.          AMJ.